The Apothecary combines a simple, clean, and clinical design with cutting edge biometrics, and patient verification with custom design elements that are easily recognizable.  GrowBLOX Sciences™ has designed a unique retail environment for cannabinoid therapy providers in order to deliver exceptional patient care.
A Safe and Comfortable Experience

The integration of biometric at The Apothecary by GrowBLOX Sciences™ will make the registration, consultation, and procurement process, an easy and safe one — ensuring a smooth and stress-free patient experience.


GBLX Signature Line

A signature collection of cannabinoid therapies developed and produced to help suffering patients.

Infused with certified-active ingredients derived from cannabis plants grown using our GrowBLOX system. This line of product features proprietary cannabinoid and terpenoid blends that are being extensively studied for optimal efficacy. The GBLX signature line will be medically dosed and prepackaged in order to give patients the same assurance of quality that they expect from all other medicines sold on the market.
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Skin Care Line

A CBD infused anti-aging skin care product line.

Developed by a world-class team of doctors and researchers, this collection of products features cellular rejuvenating and therapeutic properties derived from our proprietary hemp strains grown and processed in a state of the art laboratory.
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GBLX-PRO (Patient Report OutCome)

Track and journalized your treatment results with ease.

Integrated with the newest personal bio-metric device, The Apothecarian App assist with recording your treatment results.  Crowd sourced data driven app that allows the potential to make "better" medicine for patient's needs.
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Self Serving Dispensary

Know Before You Go

The Apothecary by GrowBLOX Sciences introduces the self-service vending kiosk.  The interactive LED monitors display essential product and patient safety information and doubles as the touch screen interface that allows you to create a new patient profile or sign in to an existing account. Once a patient is validated in the system, purchasing inventory is quick and easy. 

The self-service vending kiosk offers a consistent consumer experience that can now be installed in any existing retail location or traditional pharmacy permitted to sell medical cannabis products.  With the strong focus to increase distribution channel exponentially without the normal cost of a traditional “brick & mortar” location, the Micro Apothecary will ensure the accessibility for patients more conveniently.

Find Us

The Apothecary is currently in "Development Stage" is doesn't have existing location.  Our first location will be open for business by the end of 2016 located within the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

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